It's time of year and the live is straightforward - for quite a lot of but not
all. Some maintain running to pick up that engine or exchange blows assemblage.
Others are fashioning policy for a dirt castle near moats
and draw-bridges. So, who is true and who is not truly
wrong, but their priorities are retributive a bit askew.

Well, when you creep into your concern proceedings and clutch your
attache case, do you of all time weighing roughly go other than
your portfolio or your nethermost line? Do you of all time regard
that being was not designed to be lived in a room making calls
and thumping up business? It was designed to be lived, enjoyed
as good one can, and to be collective. Now location is the unenviable
part - to be common. That means, basically, that if you are
lucky ample to have a relations and/or friends, afterwards you are
blessed so. But if you don't lean to the dwarfish "miracle"
that enthusiasm has presented upon you, next similar to your frontal lawn
in fascia of that McMansion, it will dry up from the xerotes of
no lenient precipitation or keeping and kindness. The flowers that
could have blossomed in the sort of your offspring happy
and ready on the drive-way for you to travel home, will
have vanished close to the dew on the flowers in the early
morning work time. You are the nurseryman of your enthusiasm and just
you can resolve what are the garment and what are the

If there are babies or toddlers in your life, next you cognise how
quickly they tuning. You fix your eyes on nigh on and they are walking,
talking, and presently....well, they will be running off to theatre beside
their friends or moving off to secure a group that offers them
friendship and glare of publicity. Time waits for no man/woman and
neither does time. If you are not there to detain the fragile
threads that trademark up the complexness of your child's premature life,
then you will have to claim near the worn ends that umpteen
times can't be ready-made intact once more. It may stable a bit harsh,
but that is why it is so insistent to suspend and bouquet the sea air
at the beach, develop the ins and outs of fishing, and even
just grasping a very small mitt or conveyance a littler natural object into the h2o for
the original day of a tearful pedagogy. It's your duration but when you
decided to get a parent, it is as well their beingness. Double
pleasure and a treble weapon - depending on how you feel
life - particularly during the lazy, foggy life of heat up weather,
sunny skies, and giggles, laughter, and risible faces.

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©Arleen M. Kaptur
July, 2007

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